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Used Filter Press Plates
Used Mixed Pack 1500 mm x 1500 mm Chamber Plates

There are a total of 114 chamber plates. They are in good condition and ready to ship.
Delivery time on NEW plates is currently above 20 weeks.

Terms 100% with the order. Loaded on your truck
FOB San Antonio, Texas

  • Eye centers are 53". Eye diameter is 3.25"
  • Center feed eye is 6" diameter.
  • There are 114 total plates including ( 1 ) one head and ( 1 ) one tail plate.
1500 mm mixed pack Klinkau detachable chamber plates

Spigots: $40.00 dollars each, must purchase at least 10. When purchasing 30 or more they are $35.00 each. Sludge Scraper: $40.00


If you need more plate, cloth, or press information, such as other sizes and pricing and delivery, request it at sales@envirosolutions.com

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