[DAF-09] : Baycor 304 SS covered BAF

[DAF-09] : Baycor 304 SS covered BAF

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[DAF-09] : Baycor 304 SS covered BAF

Designed for municipal installations for thickening sludges.

Brand : Baycor Fibre

Model : 304 | 40/50

Construction Material : SS Stainless Steel

Flow Capacity : 50 USG

Air Flow : 60 FT3/m

Aerator : 1

Flanged Influent Inlet : 1

Flanged Filtrate Outlet : 1

It's induced air (or cavitation) via the 3 motors on the front,

*They also draw a portion of the clean water from the bottom.

It has skimmers and an auger for the sludge and an adjustable weir for the water level. 

(The auger screws the sludge or oil out the opposite side)

This would also be suitable as an oil skimming tank.

*** Motor and gear drive is missing but a new one can be supplied as 



Used; Sold "as is, where is" Your inspection is invited.


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Dimensions : 32'L x 7.7' W x the water height is approximately 4'. (Height to top of motors is 6'.)

Weight : 11,000 lbs / Water volume is approximately 6,700 US gallons or 25.5 cubic meters. 


Stock NumberDAF-09