2024 Enviro Solutions 40GPM WWTS

2024 Enviro Solutions 40GPM WWTS

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Enviro Solutions brand Wastewater Treatment Systems can save you as much as 70% on your operating costs.

Our compact modular carbon steel construction allows us to pre-test your custom system on the floor before shipment. We can offer you and yours many different options and designs to choose from to meet your plants unique needs.

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2024 Enviro Solutions 40 GPM Complete Wastewater Treatment System

For Contaminants: Heavy Metals Precipitation, Hexavalent Chrome Reduction

Example Industries: Mining, Aerospace, Metal Finishing Facilities, ECOAT, and more

2024 Enviro Solutions WWTS Includes:

(1) 15 GPM (Expandable to 40 GPM) Clarifier

(1) 3 CuFt Filter Press with size 630mm plates

(2) 1,000 gallon cone bottom tanks

complete with catwalk.

Enviro Solutions Brand Clarifier

  • Model: CL15/40
  • Estimated settling area: 192 Sq Ft
  • Heavy Metals Precipitation
  • Hexavalent Chrome Reduction
  • Conservative Retention Times
  • Sand blasted and primed with two-part high build epoxy paint finish

Enviro Solutions Brand Filter Press

  • Model: FP-003-0630-R
  • Construction: Carbon Steel Frame
  • Line Option: [R] Ring of Steel
  • Hydraulic Closure
  • Nominal Capacity (ft³): 3
  • Actual Capacity (ft³): 3.36
  • Plate Size: 630mm
  • Number of plates: 7
  • Filtration Area (ft²): 73.39
  • Simple 'Open/Close' Operation
  • *Specifications are based upon 32mm (1.25") filter cake thickness.

WWTS Tank Specifications:

  • Quantity: (2)
  • Size: 1,000 Gallons
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Cone Bottom

Additional Options Include: Final pH adjust chamber, High and Low-speed Mixers, Air Operated Diaphragm Sludge Pump, Centrifugal Transfer Pump, Polymer, Acid, and Caustic Air-operated Chemical Feed Pumps, pH and ORP Sensors, Touch Screen Master Control Panel (Bilingual touch screen PLC is available in both English and Spanish), Filter Press - *Integrated or separate and more.

*System start-ups are quick and easy. Upon arrival at your site, the three main items to connect are electrical service, incoming wastewater line, and air lines. Should you desire, hook ups can be made from the system to a telephone line or an ethernet card for remote service and software upgrades.

We can offer you and yours many different options and designs to choose from to meet your plants unique needs.

If you would like to receive a personalized quotation for a new custom-made flow-through system for your plant, please feel free to request a quotation along with your name, business name, and contact information to the e-mail: sales@envirosolutions.com


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