FPP-G516 | 5/16" O-Ring Replacement Gasketing (100 FT Roll)

FPP-G516 | 5/16" O-Ring Replacement Gasketing (100 FT Roll)

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Item Description: O-Ring Replacement Gasketing Material (QTY:1)100FT Roll

Product Code: FPP-G516;

Dia: 5/16"; Length: 100 FT; Material: EPDM;

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On gasketed (CGR) plates, the rubber O-ring seal around the chamber and filtration ports will wear out after several closures of your filter press. When the rubber gasketing feels flat against the plate instead of slightly protruding, it is time to replace the gasketing.

If the O-ring gasket around the periphery of a filter plate or around the ports is frayed, shredded, worn or damaged, it should be replaced in the following manner:  Remove the old gasket material. Thoroughly clean all surfaces. Make certain that the starting end of the new gasket material is cut square, and then insert it in the gasket groove, starting at the bottom center of the filter plate. Use a wood or plastic mallet to drive the gasket into the groove. Do not stretch the material to make it easier to install, as it may shrink over time, opening the end joint.

When the gasket groove has been completely filled, overlap the remaining material about one half inch before cuffing it off. (Make sure that this end is also cut square.) Use a quick setting rubber cement to bond the two ends together and hold them for a minute or two for the cement to set. Then force the excess material into the groove. This will ensure that the ends do not separate later.


Gasket Replacement Service

When ordering gasketing from Enviro Solutions, you have the option to ship your plates to our warehouse for filter press gasket replacement. Feel free to give us a call to see if this option is viable for you.

FPP-GRS | Filter Press Plate – Gasket Replacement Service

Service Includes:

•  Removing and disposing of old gasket

•  Cleaning gasket groove

•  Installing new gasketing


Length100 FT
Product CodeFPP-G516