FP-006-0630-R: Filter Press 6 Cubic Feet - 630mm CGR

FP-006-0630-R: Filter Press 6 Cubic Feet - 630mm CGR

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Industrial Strength Filter Press

Enviro Solutions line of filter presses make sludge volume reduction and disposal, fast and easy. Each system is built to last, supplied with a complete plate pack, pre-installed filter press cloths, air blow down piping manifold, sludge scraper, manual, as well as a frame guarantee. 

[Option] 304 Stainless Steel Frame - Ideal for locations such as food processing facilities. 

Model: FP-006-0630-R

Model Code: [FP] Filter Press - [006] Capacity - [0630] Plate Size - [R] Line Option

Construction: Carbon Steel Frame

Line Option: [R] Ring of Steel

Hydraulic Closure

Nominal Capacity (ft³): 6

Actual Capacity (ft³): 6.0

Number of plates: 22

Filtration Area (ft²): 134

Simple 'Open/Close' Operation

Approximate Dimensions: 111" x 36" x 62"

*Specifications are based upon 32mm (1.25") filter cake thickness.

If you would like a quotation on a new custom-made filter press system, please fill out the Filter Press Questionnaire as best you can and send it to sales@envirosolutions.com so that we may better assist you.

*See the pdf below named 'FilterPressQuestionnaire.pdf' for the blank Industrial Filter Press Questionnaire.


ManufacturerEnviro Solutions
Actual capacity (ft³)*6.0
Filtration area (ft²)134
Plate size (mm)630
Dimensions (in.)111 x 36 x 62
Nominal capacity (ft³)6
No. of plates*22
Plate typeCGR