FPC-1000-G-E: 1000mm Gasketed Filter Press Cloth - End

FPC-1000-G-E: 1000mm Gasketed Filter Press Cloth - End

$42 (USD)

San Antonio, TX


Model Code: [FPC-1000-G-E]

Filter Press Cloth Size - [1000mm]

Type - [X] CGR

End Cloth

Additional Services : When ordering cloths from us, you have the option to ship your plates to our warehouse for filter press cloth installation.

Service includes:

  • Safely removing and disposing of old cloths
  • Cleaning of caulking groove
  • Safely installing cloths without damaging your plates

FPC-I: Filter Press Cloth - Installation $55.00 x Quantity Of Plates

FPP-G: Filter press plate gasketing, 100 FT EPDM rubber - $180.00

Choosing the Proper Filter Cloth

To select the correct type of filter cloth to match your needs, the first step we must take is to determine the type of process or application performed by the filter press, the operating environment, and the performance required of the filter cloths. Your process could also determine the length of life of your filter cloths.

They could last as little as six months or as long as five years. It depends on many things such as, how often you run your filter press, what you run through your filter press and how well you maintain your filter cloths.

It’s probably time to change your cloths when you see abrasion, stretchiness, folding, holes, poor cake, dirty filtrate or when conventional cleaning techniques don’t restore the performance of your filter press. These filter cloths come in many different materials including polypropylene, polyester, cotton, and other synthetic materials. Mesh opening or pore size is also an important consideration when selecting the proper filter cloths for a particular application.

For assistance in finding the correct filter cloth for you, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives via telephone or e-mail.

To place an order, please fill out the corresponding cloth forms and e-mail them to : sales@envirosolutions.com


ManufacturerEnviro Solutions
Plate typeGasketed (CGR)
MaterialWhite Polypropylene