R4X40 Series Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

No longer available

R4X40 Series Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

San Antonio, TX


Standard Features: Powder coated steel frames Inlet solenoid valve 20" Pre-filter Pre-filter pressure gauge Multistage centrifugal pump Low-pressure protection with microprocessor auto reset 2 1/2" liquid filled pump pressure gauge Stainless steel pressure vessel(s) Product water flow meter Reject water flow meter Concentrate needle valve Non metallic recycle needle valve Feed water and product water TDS monitor Three models for flow rates to 6600 GPD. For indoor installation only. Applications may include: whole house, boiler feed water, humidifiers, greenhouses, process water, or electronics. Options: Product float switch 165 gal tank whole house option* 300 gal tank whole house option* 500 gal tank whole house option* *Includes atmospheric storage tank, product float switch, and repressurization pump with built in controls. Notes: Maximum production are based on 77F feed water, SDI < 1, 1000 ppm TDS, and pH of 7. Individual membrane productivity may vary (+- 15%). May be operatedon other feed waters with reduced capacity. Percent Rejection is based on membrane manufacturers pecifications; overall system percent rejection may be less. *R4X40-3 is available only in 230-volt single phase.


Membrane size4" x 40"
Shipping weight (estimated lbs.)180
Dimensions w x d x h26" x 36" x 9"
Motor horse power1 1/2
Drain required (maximum)14 GPM
Feed water required (maximum)14 GPM
Number of membranes3
Recovery (user adjustable)32 - 75 %
Maximum production (gallons per day)6600
Electrical requirement*25 amps
Feed water pressure (minimum)10 PSI
Reject water connection5/8" tubing OD
Product water connection5/8" tubing OD
Pre-filter2.5" x 20"
Feed water connection3/4" NPTF
Average membrane rejection98 %