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R14 Series Wall-Mounted Reverse Osmosis Systems

San Antonio, TX


Standard Features: Stainless steel frame Stainless steel pressure vessels Pre-filter housing and cartridge, 10" Full-Flow Webtrol multi-stage centrifugal pump Automatic inlet valve Low-pressure shut-off with automatic restart Tanklevel input Pretreatment interlock input Adjustable recycle line Pre-filter pressure gauges Pump discharge pressure gauge (liquid filled) Flow meter for product water Flow meter forreject water Check valve for product water Sample valve for productwater On / off switch Compact, wall mounted systems. Three models for flow rates to 5400 GPD. Available with brass and stainless steel fittings. Fully assembled and ready for installation. Options: Product water float switch Whole house option* *Includes 300 gal tank, product water float switch, and repressurization pump with built in controls. Notes: Performance specifications are based on 77F feed water, 3 SDI or less, TDS below 1000 and pH of 8. Please see water temperature conversion charts to determine actual production rate for each installation. Chlorine reduction and other pretreatment may be required. Membrane rejection rates are based on membrane manufacturer's specification. Pre-filter is Flow-Pro FPMB-BB5-10 melt blown cartridge. Systems are designed for use with municipal and well water.


Fittings & valves1.0
Feed water req.* (gpm)2.5
Wt. (lbs.)200.0
Typical rejection0.98
Membrane size4" x 40"
Recovery (adjustable)15 - 75 %
Pump hp1.0
Amps (5400 gpd)9
Amps (1800 & 3600 gpd)6
Electrical requirements230v/60Hz
Drain requirement (maximum)10 GPM
Feed water pressure requirement (minimum)10 PSIG
Reject water connection (all r14 models)1/2" tube
Product water connection (5400 gpd)5/8" tube
Product water connection (1800 & 3600 gpd)1/2" tube
Feed water connection1" FNPT