Spare Parts Services

Here at Enviro Solutions, we can help by supplying spare parts!

Keeping critical replacement parts on hand is a key step to ensuring that your equipment experiences the least amount of downtime over the long term.

By storing spare parts on-site, in close proximity to the equipment, you can avoid costly work stoppages that occur while waiting for replacement parts to be delivered and installed.

Enviro Solutions offers :

  • Fume scrubbers new or used
  • Filter press gauges
  • Effluent transfer pumps
  • chamber plates,
  • chamber plate cloths
  • gaskets for chamber plates
  • Cylinders for ring or Premier line filter presses
  • Sludge scrapers
  • Replacement pH sensors
  • Replacement ORP sensors
  • Replacement transfer pumps and parts
  • Replacement sludge pumps and wet end or dry end kits
  • Service Contracts
  • And many others

For assistance in finding the correct spare parts for you and your machine, or for further inquiry as to our spare parts products, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives via telephone or e-mail.